• Environmental, Sustainability, Health & Safety Assessments.

Documentation is extremely important for providing your work force with information that is required to educate staff on appropriate protocols. It is very important that staff are trained on such policies and procedures as well. Manson Methods Inc. will draft applicable Health & Safety related policies and procedures. Before drafting a document, we take time to understand the organization fully so that the policy/procedure is applicable.

We are able to draft any Health & Safety and specific Environmental Sustainability. Below is a list titles of policies we are able to draft (we are not limited to this list):

  • ​Health and Safety Program/Policy
  • Slip Trip and Fall Program/Policy
  • Workplace Violence Program/Policy
  • Hazard Recognition Program/Policy
  • Incident Reporting Program/Policy
  • Industrial Hygiene Program/Policy
  • Hazardous Building Material Program/Policy
  • Job/Task Specific Procedures.
  • Process/Spaghetti Maps.