Comprehensive Workplace Audits & Risk Assessments: Your Path to a Secure Work Environment

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Comprehensive Health & Safety Audits and Risk Assessments

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Expert Audits and Risk Assessments for a Safer, more Compliant Workplace in Toronto, Ontario

Expert Audits & Risk Assessments for a Safer, More Compliant Workplace

Improve workplace safety and compliance with Manson Methods Inc.'s detailed audits and risk assessments. Our team of experts is dedicated to identifying potential hazards and gaps in your EHS system across any industry. Partner with us to create a safer work environment for your employees while minimizing organizational risk.

  • Thorough Risk Assessments for Comprehensive Job Task Analysis
  • Environmental Risk Assessments to Address Spills and Site Hazards
  • Mandatory Workplace Violence and Harassment Assessments
  • Workspace Hazard Assessments for a Safer Work Environment
  • Comprehensive Audits: OHS System, Chemical Storage, Hazardous Building Material Surveys, Green Cleaning, and Personal Protective Equipment

Risk Assessments

  • Job Task Analysis - for any work process
  • Environmental Risk Assessments (Spills and site hazard analysis).
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (Mandatory for all workplaces)
  • Workspace hazard assessments


  • OHS System Audit
  • Chemical Storage
  • Hazardous Building Material Survey
  • Green cleaning audits
  • Personal protective equipment
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