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With our customized procedural drafting service, we ensure that your organization benefits from well-structured, comprehensive, and compliant policies.

Reach out to Manson Methods Inc. in Toronto to take the first step towards a safer and more efficient work environment. Act fast and secure your team's future with expertly crafted policies and procedures.

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Customized Procedural Drafting for Effective Workplace Policies and wel informed work environment

Customized Procedural Drafting for Effective Workplace Policies

Empower your workforce with clear, informative policies and procedures crafted by Manson Methods Inc. to address your organization's unique needs. Achieve a compliant and well-informed work environment with our expert guidance.

We can draft any Health & Safety and specific Environmental Sustainability. Below is a list of titles of policies we can draft (we are not limited to this list):

  • Health and Safety Program/Policy
  • Slip Trip and Fall Program/Policy
  • Workplace Violence Program/Policy
  • Hazard Recognition Program/Policy
  • Incident Reporting Program/Policy
  • Industrial Hygiene Program/Policy
  • Hazardous Building Material Program/Policy
  • Job/Task Specific Procedures.
  • Process/Spaghetti Maps.
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