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Manson Methods Inc. will achieve Green Excellence with Environmental and Sustainability Assessments

Achieve Green Excellence with Environmental & Sustainability Assessments

Elevate your organization's environmental and sustainability standing with Manson Methods Inc.'s comprehensive assessment services. Meet certification requirements and boost your ESG attractiveness with our expert guidance and tailored solutions. Manson Methods Inc.’s approach is always to use established standards to help augment a client’s ESG program, depending on the client’s industry. Application of ISO 14001 is often used and we also help clients become certified under LEED, BOMA FitWel etc.

  • BOMA, LEED, and FitWel Certification Support: Air sampling, noise assessments, hazardous building material surveys, chemical storage assessments, green cleaning audits, and water assessments to help you achieve your desired certification level
  • Environmental, social, and governance (ESG) investing is used to screen investments based on corporate policies and to encourage companies to act responsibly. The better your “ESG” efforts, the more attractive your company is.
  • Manson Methods Inc. will help you develop your ESG program. This enormous task will incorporate creating policies, facilitating community engagement, and changing the company's outlook toward environmental compliance. This can be done through a variety of “green initiatives.”

We can complete the following assessments for your organization/building to ensure you achieve the highest certification possible:

Wellness assessments can include:

    • Green Cleaning Audits - This audit must include a confirmation that green products are being used appropriately and that cleanliness goals for each space are being met, according to the APPA Operational Guidelines for Educational Facilities.
    • Background Sound Level - Assessment of the background sound levels generated from exterior and base-building sources to determine how loud the office environment is.
    • Indoor Air Quality - Key IAQ parameters are sampled, such as Volatile Organic Compounds, Carbon Dioxide, Carbon Monoxide, Particulate Matter Size Fraction 10um, Particulate Mater Size Fraction 5um, temperature, and relative humidity. Air handling equipment is also inspected during the assessment.
    • Radon - Long-term measurements will be completed, and the long-term tests are greater than 90 days.

    Technical Safety Assessments

    • Chemical Storage - A review of all the chemicals being stored will be done. Recommendations will be developed to improve the containment.
    • Hazardous Building Material Survey - Building material will be sampled for contaminants such as Lead, Asbestos, Mercury, Silica, and PCBs. A full review of building material SDS will also be done to determine the presence of hazardous materials.
    • Potable Water Testing - Annual drinking water testing must ensure the occupants drink clean water. Drinking water can be measured for a variety of parameters, and usually, microbial factors, certain metals, and aesthetic parameters are sampled and analyzed.
    • Legionella Assessments (monthly) - Legionella is an opportunistic bacteria that can grow in water. Typically, Legionella can be found in cooling towers; however, Canadian Guidelines outline the different types of water equipment to draw samples for (Open Water Fountains, Hot Water Tanks, Cooling Towers, Evaporative Condensers etc.).
    • Ergonomic Approach for Computer Users - Tailoring an employee's workstation to their body parameters will help reduce the risk of musculoskeletal injury. Conducting an ergonomic assessment will provide employees with the tools and understanding to set up any workstation they will be working at.
    • Re-enter your workplace (COVID-19 update)
    • Cleaning and disinfecting (COVID-19 update)

Environmental Site Assessments:

An ESA will help determine if there is possible contamination issues of a property, and help you avoid any unexpected costs. Typically Environmental Site Assessments are broken down into phases (Phase 1 and Phase 2)

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