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Empower Yourself with Health & Safety Law Knowledge

Gain a clear understanding of your legal responsibilities to create a compliant and secure work environment.

Identify & Close Gaps in Your Safety Program

We'll assess your current safety program, identify areas of improvement, and help you close gaps to ensure compliance with legislation.

Maximize ROI with Employee Health & Safety Investments

Discover how investing in employee health and safety can lead to long-term savings, increased productivity, and stronger business performance.

Prevent Employee Health & Safety Complaints

Learn about common employee concerns and receive guidance on proactive measures to address and prevent these issues from arising.

Streamline your Workplace Safety with tailored WSIB Implementation and Management Programs

Comprehensive WSIB Program Implementation & Management: Streamline Your Workplace Safety and Insurance Board Management

Optimize workplace safety with tailored WSIB management programs, expert guidance, and comprehensive training to minimize financial and legal risks.

  • Develop and implement a WSIB management program tailored to your facility's needs
  • Expert advice on worker accommodation and initiating the WSIB reporting process
  • Ensure accurate NEER ratings and prevent abuse of the WSIB benefit system
  • Comprehensive training on WSIB management for key stakeholders
  • Boost compliance and minimize potential financial and legal risks
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Health & Safety: Protect Your Employees with Expert Assessments and Control Measures

Protect your workforce with certified professionals conducting accurate exposure health/ risk assessments and implementing custom control measures for various industries in Ontario

Workplace Audits & Risk Assessments: Identify and Mitigate Risks for a Safer Work Environment

Safeguard your work environment with in-depth risk assessments, expert recommendations, and tailored solutions to enhance safety and productivity.

Residential Services: Extend Health and Safety Awareness to Your Home

Safeguard your home in Toronto with expert assessments for radon, mold, water, and indoor air quality testing, ensuring a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Procedural Workplace Policy Drafting: Create Effective Health & Safety Policies and Procedures

Develop customized health & safety policies and procedures tailored to your organization, ensuring compliance with regulations and fostering a responsible work culture.

Environmental and Sustainability Assessments will enhance your ESG Profile and attract responsible investors

Environmental & Sustainability Assessments: Enhance Your ESG Profile and Attract Responsible Investors

Strengthen your ESG profile with comprehensive health and safety risk assessments, robust ESG program development, and community engagement for green certification.

  • Comprehensive assessments for BOMA, LEED, and Fitwel certifications
  • Develop and implement a robust ESG program for your organization
  • Engage in community and environmental initiatives
  • Improve your organization's green certification level status
  • Showcase your commitment to responsible business practices
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Workplace Safety and Compliance Training will equip your workforce with the knowledge and skills to excel

Training: Equip Your Workforce with the Knowledge and Skills to Excel

Empower your workforce with a wide range of workplace safety and compliance training sessions led by experienced trainers, fostering a safety-conscious culture and boosting overall performance.

  • Wide range of training sessions, from COVID-19 Guidelines to Supervisor Competency
  • Stay compliant with regulations and laws while fostering a safety-conscious culture
  • Experienced trainers who deliver engaging, interactive, and effective sessions
  • Customized training programs tailored to your organization's needs
  • Train the Trainer sessions to empower your team leaders and boost overall performance
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DEI Building Assessments For Modern Businesses

Revolutionizing Workspaces: DEI Building Assessments For Modern Businesses

At Manson Methods Inc, we believe in creating workspaces where DEI is a reality, not just an ideal. Our Diversity Equity And Inclusion Assessments For Buildings offer a detailed analysis of your workspace's alignment with DEI principles.

We cover every aspect in our DEI Assessments - layout, accessibility, signage, communal and private spaces, focusing on DEI In The Workplace.

Our Diversity Equity And Inclusion Assessments go beyond physical dimensions, considering the cultural and emotional impact of your workspace on employees

We provide actionable recommendations through our Diversity Equity And Inclusion Assessments, ensuring your workspace is not just compliant with DEI standards, but actively promotes a sense of belonging. Let our DEI Assessments transform your workspace into a model of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

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  • We had been struggling with indoor air quality issues for months and spent more than $1,500 on testing with other companies. When the results were inconclusive, they recommended $4,500 in more tests. We went to Nic, the owner of Manson Methods, for a second opinion. Free of charge, he reviewed our past results, visited our apartment, and offered us some lower-cost potential solutions to our air quality problems. I really appreciated that he had our best interests at heart. Nic was a great source of independent advice and didn't just default to a battery of expensive tests unlike others in the field. He's also super responsive and really listened to our concerns, which not everyone else has done. I highly, highly recommend him.

    Andrew Raven

  • I work with Lay-Up Youth Basketball, and as we prepare to return to in-person programming, we asked Mr. Niclas Manson to conduct a Personal Protective Equipment training to our coaches and staff. He was very thorough in the content discussed, broke it down for the average person to understand, and he went above and beyond by reviewing our safety plan and sharing feedback. Mr. Manson was professional, engaging, and prepared our team to serve the community safely! Thank you!!

    Micaella Riche