• Environmental, Sustainability, Health & Safety Assessments.

Identifying risks in job tasks is imperative to help protect the organization from costs associated with accidents. Manson Methods Inc. will complete risk assessments for various job tasks, for any industry. We take our time to ensure risk assessments are completed thoroughly. 

EHS system audits are conducted to understand the existing gaps within the organization's EHS system. Manson Methods Inc. identifies the gaps, and works with key stakeholders to ensure gaps, within the EHS system, are filled. Below are examples of audits & risk assessments we can complete:

Risk Assessments

  • Job Task Analysis - for any work process
  • Environmental Risk Assessments (Spills and site hazard analysis).
  • Workplace Violence and Harassment (Mandatory for all workplaces in Ontario)
  • Workspace hazard assessments


  • OHS system Audit
  • Chemical Storage
  • Hazardous Building Material Survey
  • Green cleaning audits
  • Personal protective equipment